Bobby Angel has earned the title “King Of Country”, mainly due to the popularity of his Television series “Gentle On My Mind”, in the eighties. His hits include “You Ask Me To”, “Green Eyed Angel”, “Living On Love” & “Terug By My Mense”.

In 2008 Bobby released his best CD ever, titled “Somebody Like You” and together with Billy Forrest, an album of Foster & Allen Hits, which has just been released with firm predictions that this could be the “big one” for 2009. Both Bobby and Billy were nominees in this year’s SAMA Music Awards, in the Country Music category, and Bobby ended up the winning, despite strong opposition from other top artists. such as Ray Dylan and Freddi Nest.


Billy Forrest is listed as the South African artist with the most Top 20 hits ever, an unbelievable eighteen in total and it includes his Pop and Rock hits of the sixties, but there’s a fair share of Country hits too, with songs like “Hello Operator”, “Our Sweet Precious Love”, “Wings Of A Dove” and “Tiny Bubbles” still in great demand. Billy released a great CD last year, titled “Go With Me” and it includes all his hits as well as some really exciting new country tracks and both he and Bobby Angel have brand new DVD's available in the market-place and both selling very well.


Barbara Ray is one of South Africa's most famous country singers. Not only did she appeared on cd with some of our country's best singers like Lance James, but when Steve Hofmeyr did his revival of old South African legends called "Toeka 2", Barbara Ray was one of those fortunate to be included in the compilation. Other artists on the compilation included names like Dennis East and Des & Dawn Lindberg.